What Does It Mean to Be HaMashiach (Christ) Like?

This blog is not intended to criticize anyone. However, I will speak my truth to the best of my ability. Yah willing. All my life I have been around Religious individuals that speak about being HaMashiach (Christ) like. In fact, I remember when WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) was popular. It was used among manyContinue reading “What Does It Mean to Be HaMashiach (Christ) Like?”

Healing Our Emotions To Grow

When the Holy Spirit reveals to “truth”, it does not care about how you feel or what you think. This truth hurts, especially when you realize that everything you were taught was a lie. When the Bible says the devil has deceived the whole world, it was telling the truth. The whole world is livingContinue reading “Healing Our Emotions To Grow”

MiniVan Camping at Lake Ouachita

The day has finally arrived to experience my first extended stay vanlife camping trip. I was in need of some “me” time and I found the perfect location outside of Missouri to relax, read, write and be one with Yahuah and nature. My dog Chloe and I spent five days at Lake Ouachita National ParkContinue reading “MiniVan Camping at Lake Ouachita”

A People, Lost and Found

There was a peopleThat fell from being a powerful nation to being slavesValued Less than cattle There was a people that lost theirHeritageCulturalLanguageCustomsTraditionsAndTheir Elohim There was a people living in the wildernessBlindly, enduring, suffering from oppression 100’s of years later The descendants of these peopleAre searching for the loss essence of their soulsThese descendants areContinue reading “A People, Lost and Found”