Healing Our Emotions To Grow

When the Holy Spirit reveals to “truth”, it does not care about how you feel or what you think. This truth hurts, especially when you realize that everything you were taught was a lie. When the Bible says the devil has deceived the whole world, it was telling the truth. The whole world is living in a controlled matrix built on deception. Even most people that are in an organized religion sector are also living in deception. The sad part is when I try to share what has been revealed to me, most people think I am the crazy one.

Isaiah 5:20

Wow to those who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

An example: Yahuah gave us Holy Days to celebrate and Satan gave Pagan Holidays. Am I evil or wrong for wanting to celebrate the Biblical Holy Days vs Pagan Holidays?

I wish people would do their research to break the strong hold of Satan’s deception.

How do you handle your emotions when you mentally break out of the matrix? We can’t allow our emotions to govern our actions. We have to heal our emotions in order to grow spiritually.

I put a video together about healing our emotions to grow. I shared my experience and what has been working for me in hopes that it may enlighten or help someone else that see’s Yah’s truth.

I will be going over a few topics today regarding Emotions.

  • Remembering Ourselves as prophesied
  • My Testimony
  • Difference Between Hebraic Language vs Western Language
  • Defining Emotions
  • English Understanding
  • Hebraic Understanding
  • Creating a Foundation
  • How Emotions Affect Our Mind, Spirit and Environment
  • The 6 Key Process of Healing our Emotions.

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