MiniVan Camping at Lake Ouachita

The day has finally arrived to experience my first extended stay vanlife camping trip. I was in need of some “me” time and I found the perfect location outside of Missouri to relax, read, write and be one with Yahuah and nature.

My dog Chloe and I spent five days at Lake Ouachita National Park in Arkansas. It took us 9 hours to arrive at our destination and when I finally arrived, I was well pleased. Lake Ouachita is a free campground with a few amenities.  Each campsite is equipped with a picnic bench, grill, and fire pit. The campground also has a bathroom, but no running water.

My first night was a bit scary because the area was under a severe thunderstorm warning. The scary part was that during the thunderstorm, it started hailing. I was so afraid the hail would break a window but thank goodness it didn’t. Other than that, the remaining of my trip was peaceful and relaxing.

I enjoyed the quit time to read my Bible and some books. I also found time to write. I was able to connect with my inner self without the worries about everyday responsibilities.

However, I had to end my trip a day early. This is because another severe thunderstorm warning was projected during my last night. I did not want to put myself under the stress and worry about it hailing again or anything worse to happen to me. So, I packed up and headed home. Thank goodness I did because Lake Ouachita was under a tornado warning that evening. Sometimes you have to trust your intuition.

Overall, I am so happy that I was able to experience this trip and am looking forward to my next journey.

Check out the video to see my journey.

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