A People, Lost and Found

There was a people
That fell from being a powerful nation to being slaves
Valued Less than cattle

There was a people that lost their
Their Elohim

There was a people living in the wilderness
Blindly, enduring, suffering from oppression

100’s of years later

The descendants of these people
Are searching for the loss essence of their souls
These descendants are digging up the past to uncover and reveal deception

These descendants will not and cannot stop
These descendants have been called by Elohim to uproot their birthright

The journey is beautiful, soul inspiring, rough and painful

These emotions can become stumbling blocks
Hindering spiritual growth

We as a people cannot get stuck on emotions that holds no profit
Emotions that allows the adversary to rule

As a people we have came too far to be comfortable sleeping in a bed of lies
Dressed in rose petals
Singing an untuned song of justice

We as a people must continue to push forward so that we can become what Yah has created us to be

We as a people are survivors

❤️❤️❤️ WE ARE ISRAELITES ❤️❤️❤️

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