What If You Don’t Know What to Be?

Have you spent most of your adult life working a job that minimizes your worth, while under appreciating your contributions by placing more demands on you? Have you sacrificed your self-reliance and divine purpose in the pursuit of happiness and that piece of the “American pie”? Many have resigned from jobs they once liked. Why?Continue reading “What If You Don’t Know What to Be?”

A Hebrew’s Guide to Getting Through December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or is it? While I am learning to appreciate the slower pace winter offers, the cultural holidays can make for some uncomfortable moments. How do you live differently when your family and friends are against the change in you? How do you deal with the frustration of ChristmasContinue reading “A Hebrew’s Guide to Getting Through December”

How Do We Know Whom To Trust?

In today’s world, people have more access to information than ever before. There is certainly some good that comes from this, but with more access to information there is also more access to misinformation than ever as well. How can we find valuable information and people to listen to with the bombardment of noise andContinue reading “How Do We Know Whom To Trust?”