Van Life Try Out


In November 2020, my dog Chloe and I went on our first van life experience to try out the van build. I found a free camp spot about two hours away from my home in St. Louis, MO.

This is my dog Chloe. She looks nervous and scared. She is not used to car rides unless she is going to the groomers or the vet. So I can understand why she is looking a bit scared. I had plenty of treats on hand to made her feel comfortable.

The weather was a bit cold during our weekend adventure, but we managed. I even built my own camp fire. I am glad I was able to test out the van build before heading on the road full time. This is because there were a few adjustments to be made that I was not aware of.

I put together a quick little video to show the scenery during my weekend adventure and to test out the video editor on my PC. I had no intentions of putting a video together because if I did, I would have held the camera horizontal to get the full picture. (SORRY) I will get better.

Thank You

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