January 4th Prayer

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Most High develop in me the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Most High I’ve been trying my best to walk in the fruits of the spirit.

I want to walk in the full power of your spirit.

As your child on this earth, Father. I want to be powdered with your spirit.

I want to be fully engulfed in your spirit. Illuminate my life Most High.

We are a Holy nation; we are the seeds of Jacob.

Most High you have chosen us amongst all that you have seen.

You have set us apart and blessed us. The remnant of your seed.

We are a peculiar people, the Hebrews, who were created to be different.

We were created with a higher spiritual capacity.

We were sent here as a divine diaspora, to shine, to be the salt of the earth.

To teach the nations, to led them.

Thank You Most High

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

O’ Most High you have chosen me and placed me above all that you have seen.

Thank You Father for giving me the eyes to see and ears to hear and the heart to love.

O’Father, the Ahayah, the Great I Am, the Father with love and kindness.

I am you and you are me.

You are awesome, and so am I

You are magnificent, and so am I

You are marvelous, and so am I

You are beautiful, and so am I

You are creative, and so am I

You are powerful, and so am I

Father you created me in your image and your likeness. Thank You Most High

Father I come to you tonight. To repent of my sins, Most High

I want to repent for every time I fell into iniquity.

Most High forgive me for all my wrong doings.

Father I want to do your work. I want to be your servant.

Most High present and magnify my talents so that I may put them to good use for you.

In the name of Yahusha, So be it! HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

O’Yahuah Thank you, that you have restored in these last days a people who may once again walk among the angels and live in righteousness.

Thank you that you have restored the church in the righteous of Melchizedek.

Will you please protect and shield them and bless them.

Will you Most High strengthen them to be multiplied for they are few in numbers.

Will you Most High join them as it was for Enoch.

Allow them to come out of the dominance of the fallen angels.

Heavenly Father will you join these people, gather them by the power of the elements of the righteousness that Enoch established before you.

Will you bless and sanctify their marriages. Will you bless and sanctify the husband and wife, their homes and their children.

Will you nourish, preserve and multiply their children and keep them holy unto yourself.

Will you cover them by the shadow of your love during the heat of the dead.

Will you provide for them during the times of tribulations that they perish not.
Will you Most High

Will you Yahusha HaMashiach

Will you Ruach HaQadash

Grant them among the place in the community among the righteousness.

O’Most High, may (my children, husband, family, friends) and I walk among them, those that you have raised in these last days.

Will you forgive them from their sins as you have forgiven mine.

Teach them Father to walk humbly with you and not in pride.

May they be strengthened by the Fruits of the Spirit in all things.

Will you teach them to love repentance and to be humble before you.

My heart is full, overflowing, for I love them.

My family and these people you raised in the last day, in these frighten days.

So please Most High grant them grace sufficient unto their needs that they may accomplish all the visions of their creative purpose and to do your will.

Ever so I pay, in the name of you son Yahusha. So be it!




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