Stepping Out On Faith – Van Life Spiritual Journey

Abiyah Bina

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Sometimes life takes us on a quest or journey unimaginable. Has life ever done that for you? It recently has for me. I have been through some recent changes and acknowledged some personal characteristics about myself. The major change was finding my faith in the Most High Yahuah and getting baptized. That was the best gift I have ever given myself. HalleuYah!!! In addition, I came to learn that I am an introvert. Not antisocial, I enjoy having others in my life. However, I enjoy being by myself twice as much. I now realize I have been that way most of my adult life. I find peace and comfort when I am alone. I am a thinker; my mind jumps from topic to topic. Also, I realized I have the gift of intuition. There are times when I just know things with no reasoning, I just know. Not saying I am always right, just most of the time. LOL.  

I am not sure when I started watching YouTube videos about Van Life, it may have been two or so years ago. I am sure I’ve watched 100’s of videos. I was instantly drawn into the freedom of the lifestyle, but thought at first, I could never do that. Most people that know me, know I am afraid of being in nature because I have a fear of bugs. Yuck!!!  

Something clicked in my heart and mind August 2020, giving me the feeling that van life is something I need to experience. After this revelation, the next question was how. After spending months looking into how I could make this happen, I finally made a decision and a plan.

In October 2020, I purchased a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan. My plan was to convert my van into a no-build camper van. I have spent the last three months converting my van into my personal spiritual sanctuary. I am incredibly pleased and happy with what I have accomplished so far, and I look forward to beginning my journey.

You may wonder or want to know why someone would want to travel and live in a minivan. I cannot speak for everyone else, but I can speak for myself.

One day as I was sitting on my couch after coming home from work, I started thinking. (There goes that wonderful wondrous mind of mine.) I started thinking about my daily boring routine and I started feeling like I was wasting my life away with this mundane routine. With the changes of being baptized, acknowledging I am an introvert, and the gift of being intuitive van life appeared to be the perfect solution for me to connect more with the Most High Yahuah and sharpen my realized characteristics.

I am sure there will be challenges along the way, but I am ready to face them and overcome them. I have a few more things to take care before my journey begins. Things such as doctors appointments and all that jazz, got to make sure I am healthy. Yahuah willing, my goal is to be on the road by March 2021. Where am I going? Not sure, I do not have a solid plan. Stay tuned, subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel because I will be doing a lot of writing and filming.

This journey is called “Stepping Out On Faith – Van Life Spiritual Journey”

Much Love and Respect to our Heavenly Father for making a way for me to grow spiritually!

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